About HEY SAHNI & Products

Lisa Doehl

About the story behind HEY SAHNI

When she moved to Melbourne, Australia, coffee became an essential part of Lisa's life. As a barista, she spent her working hours making coffees, and in her free time, she would meet friends for coffee catch-ups or go on coffee walks. She loved the fact that almost everyone had their own reusable takeaway cup—a reflection of Australian coffee culture combined with the people's sense of environmental consciousness. Soon, she also found a cup that was perfect for her and became her companion wherever she went.

After she moved back to Germany, Lisa never stopped missing her life in Australia. Even though Berlin also had a great café culture, she felt that reusable cups were not as popular. When the colors of her beloved cup started to fade, she couldn't find a worthy replacement anywhere. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create something that fulfilled all of her wishes: a unique insulated cup made out of stainless steel. That's how HEY SAHNI came to life. Lisa dedicated this project to two of the things she loves most: her friends who called her Sahni for most of her life and, of course, coffee.

About the products

HEY SAHNI stainless steel cups are the ideal alternative to disposable takeaway cups, offering an eco-friendly solution. With their insulation, your drink will stay at the perfect temperature, whether it's hot or cold, during both winter and summer. Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee, matcha, tea, and more after just a short walk in the cold, or melted ice cubes in your iced latte on a hot summer's day. You can even enjoy a chilled sip of wine from our cup while having a picnic in the park. Our cups keep drinks hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 12 hours.

The environmental impact of throwaway paper cups is increasingly recognized, which is why many cafes offer discounts when you bring your own cup. By using a reusable cup, you not only contribute to saving the environment but also save money.

HEY SAHNI stainless steel cups are not only sustainable but also practical. They are spill-proof and easy to clean by hand. To maintain the vibrant color of the cup, we recommend avoiding dishwasher use. Our cups are uniquely designed and will be available in limited editions. Once a style is sold out, it may not be restocked, making each cup even more special. So elevate your to-go experience with Hey Sahni, embrace sustainability, and enjoy your beverages in style. 

Thank you for your support.